Tour Through Life

Panama – Spring 2018

Another adventure has enriched us and I am again reminded of the gift of time and travel. I am incredibly lucky to have a family who doesn’t mind some general discomforts during our discoveries. Our bodies initially resent the unknown but soon adjust and accommodate. Each day, we evolve, our minds clear and thirst for more.

The needle of our travel compass landed south, in Isla Bastimentos, Panama. The remote and indescribably beautiful small island is far removed from the continuous clock of daily life. Possessions, distractions and deadlines became unknown to us. The locals, indigenous or not, were warmly infectious and the pace was blissfully calm.

In the Caribbean rainforest we commingled with beauty and fear. Each exposure was mysterious and magical all in one. A sense of pure joy engulfs me as we experience a new and raw atmosphere. The wonders of the world are tangible and the education of discovery is priceless. Natural environments and exotic wilderness are slowly fading and such an experience is to be savored.

For many years we have measured family vacation time by the local school years clock but the tides are shifting. Julian soon embarks on the university setting and will have many adventures of his own. I am proud, excited and suddenly short of breath……

As the years unfold many things will change but there will always be time for family and discovery. May the future allow our coordinates to cross and the joint adventures to never end.

I remain forever grateful.