Tour Through Life

Sometimes life writes a story without words but etched predominantly with emotions. Facial contours of smiles and frowns paint expressive character lines. An embrace or gentle touch provides internal warmth and comfort. Damp clothes deliver odors of sweat, fish and sunscreen lotion. The woods offer combined scents of floral sweetness, raw animal pheromones and the byproducts of finely tuned four stroke engines. Inherently, each family member interprets their exposure accordingly. Moments create emotional stirs which interdigitate into the crevices of their inner core and damn do they leave a mark.

Outdoor experiences are sometimes challenging but inversely therapeutic. Solitude is not synonymous with loneliness and sometimes difficult to understand. Deciphering the code in the appropriate environment is truly special. Each outing whether aggressive or not, provides an education and challenge all at once. Hearts and minds change when exposed beyond the norm. The moments allow calm to return.

I cannot suppress these impulses as they are part of time, me, us…. Is there ever a conclusion? I would hope not but I know better and therefore I continue the trek. My simple interpretation is happiness has countless faces and the search for more remains undimmed.

Unfortunately, age is a gift not everyone experiences. Some don’t ever make it, and others don’t understand it. In our family relying on later is not an option. It’s never been about the distance traveled but the journey itself. Today and tomorrow we enjoy each other!

At the end of this trip I feel nothing but gratitude. I remain grateful for my undaunted family and glad to have them all under one simple roof.

May our travels and enthusiasm be ever renewing.