Tour Through Life

I’ve asked my wife to step past her comfort zone more times than I can recall. This trip was no different. It’s difficult to know what we are capable of unless we expand the margins of our zone.

Destination civilization dropout was a shakedown winter visit to our Diente de Oso Cabin. The two-day 900-mile journey was the easy part. Arriving with a trailer in tow at a place where the payment ends, and the snow blankets the trail is where the disconnect begins. The San Juan Mountains have been blessed with over 400 inches of snow. The surroundings may be described as a combination of wonderment mixed with mysteriousness but there are truly no appropriate words.

Ascending the last 6 miles requires much more than a simple plan as this is no walk in the park. Preparedness, physical stamina, altitude acclimation, navigation skills, and self-assuredness were common themes rolling in my mind prior to their departure. Element exposure while pleasant or not, allows discovery and wisdom related to our strengths and weaknesses. This was such a trip.

It can be said everyone arrived safely and the trip was pronounced as an unforgettable backcountry exploration. Each day brought forth its challenges and allowed self-education which is otherwise impossible in a common environment. In the end there was no fear just certainty of purpose.

As for the cabin, it evolves with us and continues to see what we need. It remains modest, comfortable and always welcoming. It provides a distinct experience and time to catch up but also disappear. Sip on coffee, tea or hot chocolate, light the fire and if you carry any worries, toss them in with the logs. The cabin holds memories and understands.

Fortunately, I cannot appropriately describe the sense of empowerment that exudes from Erin, the boys and uncle Tim. I trust this comes from accomplishing a meaningful and fulfilling experience which far exceeds the norm.

May we continue to have an unwavering spirit and a willing body. We are the sum of the lives we have made, the ventures we take, and the persistence that got us here.

Live with a purpose and allow yourself to slip off the coil.