Tour Through Life

The fishing lifestyle is full of emotional extremes and not for the weak soul. Some days are full of disappointments and it seems the fishing gods may be against you. But….then there are heavenly days when almost everything goes right. The type of day which erases every prior fishing woe and Poseidon himself would double down on your next cast.

The Miami weather, saltwater and freshwater provided the appropriate atmosphere for placing closure on 2017. We have been fortunate to travel and fish for many different species. While every outing has delivered its own magic, the true gem is always the family experience. I continue to receive immense pleasure in the smiles that warm me and the embrace that says “I love you”. The outdoor bond is sustained and each outing provides a “now” moment with deep-rooted memories.

Miami’s sunny days allowed one last comfortable open air football game before end of year. The recently renovated Hard Rock Stadium is tailored for the fan experience with many upgrades from the old Sun Life Stadium. The venue did not disappoint and the Dolphins played only for pride. The Bills playoff scenario rested on the outcome of others and Lady Luck made an appearance.

It goes without saying the majority of our trips are geared for the outdoors with minimal if any pampering. Supposing exfoliated bass thumbs from several days of fishing will eventually become softer, this was not a beauty spa visit. Witnessing my wife’s interactions with our boys and getting lost in the moment most definitely lessens my minimal guilt. Although truly not enough, “Thank you for always being agreeable and allowing yourself to get earthy”.

May the New Year find everyone in good health with renewed hope and unshakable gratitude. Allow yourself to slow down and focus on what is important. Remove the link that keeps you anchored and start your adventure.

Happy New Year!