Tour Through Life

As a family of avid fisherman, we looked into Minnesota and Canada for such an adventure. Our lakeside house provided all the comforts of home but the real draw were the pristine waters of 16 different lakes and the remote wilderness. The waters offered extensive game which included largemouth bass, sunfish, perch, rock bass, walleye and Northern pike. The fishing and boating pressure was so minimal that the boys fished at will from any of the provided vessels even when Dad and Mom just wanted to relax. The only interruption from the fishing and exploring was initially not welcomed but once we arrived in Manitoba for our zip-line adventure, calm was restored.

The outdoors have been generous to us and allowed much family bonding but witnessing the transition from boyhood has been both beautiful and difficult. The boys functioned just as I had hoped. The angling, fish cleaning, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, felling of trees, fire starting, solo boat maneuvering, slingshot target practice and zip-lining were handled with caution but executed without incident. Their respect for others and conservation was witnessed as they had several 75 plus fish days and understood the concept of catch and release after our limits were met. The lessons of independence were in full bloom but the fast track of letting go is bitter sweet.

The camera has again captured many wonderful memories but most importantly it has frozen them in time. I only hope the sight of these photos will trigger my memory and send me to that spiritual cleansing place that did not disappoint.

I continue to be Thankful for the time I have with the boys prior to their departure into life in general. I will continue to hold on to every morsel of their youth and take them on every journey I can dream of as long as we are willing and capable.

As always, I hope you enjoy and God Bless.