Tour Through Life

Costa Rica – Summer 2017

My desire for the nontraditional experience is selfish but there was never a time when I second guessed our Costa Rica outing. Who wouldn’t want to spend eight nights in glamorized jungle and beach tents? Right?

Time, safety regulations and apparently road signs don’t mean much in Costa Rica. The journey commenced with four days in the jungle. The daily events included harrowing drives, unmarked hikes, class III river paddles, semi-controlled horseback riding and dizzying suspension bridges. The second half of the trip was reached by sea kayaks as we paddled through the confluence of the Rio Savegre and Pacific Ocean. Our private black sand beach provided world class inshore/offshore fishing, exhilarating zip lining, and an unbelievable exposure to free roaming wildlife. Every outing was physical and sometimes edgy but the experiences were vivid and soul branding.

The open air dwellings did not disappoint and provided an ecosystem lullaby including deafening wildlife, night rain, Savegre river flow, Pacific Ocean waves and the occasional chatter of three brothers in their own tent.

The untamed nature and non assuming locals allowed the boys unparalleled freedom as there were no expectations, school schedules, athletic events or peer pressure. We became part of the local fabric and shared the same appetite for a new experience. The cultural diversity and our external manifestations may have been different but internally we are the same. A family, a home, a smile, faith and love completes us.

Our trip ended too soon but we made new friends and vibrant memories. The departure was in blissful silence but we couldn’t deny Costa Rica will always be a part of us.

I have already secured my family’s adventure in my heart but always have photographs to trigger my mind.

I remain grateful to my accommodating and adventurous family.

Pura Vida.