Tour Through Life

Denver Colorado – Thanksgiving 2016


Our “new to us” football stadium outing was adventurous to put it lightly. The Denver weather did not disappoint as the boys asked for extremes.

Our day hike into the Rocky Mountain National Park provided an average of 8 degrees and a 5 below windshield. The trail, when visible rewarded us with incredible mountainous beauty riddled with intermittent showers of snow. Every step, scamper and climb, although not easy was so worth the effort. Unfortunately, my words will not deliver an adequate description but I hope the photographs captured a glimpse of the winter beauty.

The weather extremes carried into Sunday nights game. Unfortunately, the Brady and Manning bowl was not meant to be. While initially disappointing, the battle of two great teams with an over time finale was not. The snow started on schedule with the initial kick off and intensified as the game progressed. At one point the combination of dense snow intermixed with legal cannabis and fireworks smoke produced a Texas BBQ smokehouse atmosphere. Of course, the boys asked, “what’s that smell?” I answered as direct as I could but was mostly relieved that I was the providing the answers. Let’s just say the Sports Authority “Mile High” stadium delivered more than we could have imagined.

The overall altitude change did cause minimal affects on our systems mostly during our hike but not enough to say “never again”. As always, each trip allows reflection and this one left me especially in awe of youth, resiliency and extremely appreciate.

I am thankful for family, friends, faith, health, emotions, awareness, love, nature, sunshine, untied shoelaces, sport venues, snowshoes, all wheel drive vehicles, coffee, hand warmers…..the list goes on. As I write this, I am most Thankful to the good Lord for providing us with hyper vigilant guardian angels during our weekend adventure.

God Bless and Enjoy!