Tour Through Life

Please understand this is not written to sway any opinions about motorcycle safety. Motorcycles are dangerous but so are guns, cars, skateboards, etc… Life is full of choices.

As a young man I rode for many reasons. Sometimes out of necessity, for the thrill and every now and then for mental health. It was a different time, with less traffic and no technological distractions.

Riding is hard to describe but once you join the dark side, the understanding is peaceful. You are in the now element and not caged in a box. It requires trust and commitment as raw power can blend dashed lines into yellow ribbons. It is truly freeing and extremely sensory.

Testosterone, horsepower, adrenaline and perfume will confuse any young man’s rational thinking. It is an active moment which must be captured. As a parent, it’s an incredible opportunity for education on many levels. After Erin and I had several discussions, we opted for a nontraditional pathway to introduce “motorcycle-ology” and our bike search commenced (God bless this momma).

Project GZ was abandoned in an old barn as a partial creation of someone else’s confusion by the above-mentioned concoction. The bike was just what I had in mind. I allowed Joaquin to negotiate the deal. After minimal discussion and two hundred dollars later, we departed with a neglected, rusted non-running beater. The motorcycle was truly a sad sight but the grin on his face was beautiful.

The learning curve has been steep, and we have made several mistakes. Many of our questions have been answered by gracious riders and mechanics but when everything else falters, the internet becomes gospel. Discussions, advice, lingo and strong opinions will continue to flow between us and them.

Approximately six months later, the GZ is running well and has provided hours of entertainment, education and bonding. Our build is far from over. We will continue to explore our limits and produce with our hands.

May you find a project as engaging as ours.

Ride on!