Tour Through Life

Hurricane Harvey

The last five days has delivered an unplanned education for our boys. Hurricane Harvey arrived as a category 4 storm and meandered over Rockport and Victoria leaving a dreadful path of destruction. Although many preparations were made, the actions of each individual are not rehearsed. Simple acts as kindness, compassion and caring by friends, neighbors and strangers have been on full display. Everyone in our community has lost something but not the warmth in their hearts. Life has been disrupted but giving has not.

It was never my intention to march our offspring into a war zone but it happened. The sights and sounds of the storm and its aftermath provided much perplexing stimuli. Many discussions occurred but sometimes silence lingered as unspoken lessons were witnessed. Comprehending such an event is not easy but no complaints or negative comments were uttered by these young men. While there are no hard and fast rules when a boy becomes a man, the recent experience of Mother Nature added much to their foundation.

We remain thankful and grateful.

God Bless.