Tour Through Life

In our dwelling, JoJo and I stood alone with our Super Bowl pick for the win. I remain a Texans fan, but I appreciate the significance of the present situation.

For many watching the ninth remake of the original “Belichick-Brady” movie was just too much. In the industry, very few follow-up versions live up to the hype, but a simple sequel it was not.

The young tainted Rams team played as well as expected but the moment was too big. This was a coach’s chess game. A gentlemen’s dual. One football genius versus a prodigy. Old versus new.  The list goes on….

In my lifetime I doubt another coach-quarterback combination will surpass the Patriots triumphs. I appreciate hard-work, consistency and the ability to retard the aging clock. Additionally, I like two Jules, my son and Edelman (in that order).

The Patriots have chiseled their names in the scrolls of history and to think they may not be done. The football gods and father time will eventually tell.

Congratulations to both teams and all their fans.

Photo Credit: Jeff Roberson