Tour Through Life


Finding the appropriate words for your 50th Birthday is far from easy. These may not be the most eloquent, but I hope you will like them.

The first fifty years have been a time of growth and wonderment. It’s the transition from moments to events. A passage from free spirit to responsibility. And finally, blossoming from a daughter to the deep devotion of a beautiful wife and mother.

To say you have sacrificed “some” for our family is understatement. Your world has revolved around us since the day we met. Some days were pitted as struggles versus the tradeoffs. Rehearsed scripts were continuously rewritten but your beacon of love always illuminated the path.

Every fire has many components, and in our blaze, we’ve had many roles. The incendiary, rescue worker, survivor but never the extinguisher. We’ve fought with each other and for each other. We’ve bettered ourselves to help better each other. Our bond is special, and the story has many more scents of smoke. Thank you for being unapologetically you!

Thank you for seeing past the sharp edges and listening to the hum in my heart long enough to understand it. You are my constant and my heart is healthier than it’s ever been.

Although I won’t find you out of the mom and wife character, please enjoy this milestone birthday and know you are loved beyond the words.

From the depths of my soul, Happy 50th Birthday!

Deep Gratitude!